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First Update

By [OP] timewhiz a - Posted Jan 9, 18

Hello everyone, I figure now is the time to add an update of how the server is doing.

Server side I am still configuring alot of things for everyones enjoyment. I am looking for recommendations from the playeres as well of what you would like. Staff and I decided to get rid of a server wide market and go for the shop GUI instead, which may be easier for all of us. Now with that said I am still working on the shop and addings more things everyday! In case i miss something please @ me on discord!

Now for website, I have put up our server on 3 vote sites right now. Recently i bought a animated banner for all of the server and can not wait to show you guys! I plan to add 2 more vote sites then get to work on the vote rewards for everyone! Website shop will still be down until I can figure a good medium of things we want selling.

Thats all for now, and hope you guys have a great day!

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