Pandorra RPG

Currently we are working on creating a custom RPG gamemode.
Most of the details are as of yet unsure, however we would like to get started by deciding what the background lore should be.
We would like to invite all players on the server to submit their ideas for the background lore.
Any players that we feel have exceptionally good ideas and we decide to use them will be rewards with a special tag.
These guidelines and lists will be updated as time goes on and we receive suggestions and submissions.
Please use the RPG Suggestions button on the menu to send us your ideas!

Lore Guidelines
  • The RPG gamemode world is based in an ancient fantasy world
  • Some parts of the gamemode will be based on historical locations in the world, while others will be completely fictitious
  • World is post apocalyptic. (We need lore to explain how it got that way)
  • Apocalypse cannot have been caused by a virus, aliens, or time travelers
  • Ancient races of Elves and Dwarves haven't been seen in decades

Item Ideas
  • Grappling hooks
  • Staves w/ spells
  • Legendary weapons with special bonuses
  • Feel free to suggest items and equipment that we can try to create and add!

Map Ideas
  • Map will be separated into biomes and include large cities
  • Map will be several thousand blocks across
  • Further North the enemies will get stronger (Away from spawn points)
  • Egyptian Style City
  • Aztec/Mayan Style City
  • Medieval Style City
  • Ice Kingdom
  • Feel free to suggest other styles of builds or locations that we can add, or send us your submissions!

Enemy Ideas
  • No Enderdragons, Endermans, Endermites, Slimes, Magma Cubes, Creepers, Silverfish, Shulkers, or "Passive" Mobs
  • Feel free to suggest any unique types of enemies you think we should try to create!

RPG Design Team
  • We will also be inviting people who provide exceptionally great ideas the opportunity to join our RPG Design Team

Currently Planned Features
  • Quests. (No shit) Random event quests, main faction quests, main story quests, weekly quests.
  • City Transporation System. To make traveling easier once you've befriended the faction in each city.
  • Faction Reputation System. Allows access to additional features in the city as you get closer with a faction.
  • Custom crafting recipes and dismantling system. To make grinding for the best gear a little more useful.
  • Leveling System. What's an RPG without something to work towards?
  • Multi Language Support.
  • Spell System. Details are unknown.
  • Advanced Loot System. Loot will probably range from Garbage -> HOLY SHIT!
  • Bank Storage System. For those items you want to keep safe from ass hole player killers.
  • Map. A map of the world on the website.
  • Gravestone on death. Contains all your loot, unless you rock and looted a special item (Consumable) that prevents you from losing your items. 😉
  • PVP. No PVP in low level zones and main cities. RIP noob killers.
  • Cool Titles? You'll see. 😉